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Smart SEO tips for the Bloggers

Begin with a strong keyword search

The most important element of a website is the content that you put up on a website. And, to write the content for a website first you need to begin by doing the keyword research. Why? It is because the keywords act as the driving force for SEO. To begin with the keyword research, you must have some ideas and topics in your mind on which you want to prepare your content and based upon that you need to start the keyword research.

When you start doing the keywords research there are many ways to go ahead with it. There are a plenty of SEO Audit Tools that can help you to do a keyword research.

Use long-tail keywords

Long term keywords are more some specific terms that are known as long term keywords. They help a great deal in improving the SEO of the blog. The long-term keywords have a decent search volume and have a low ranking andcompetition.If you have long tern keywords in your page, then the chances are that your page will show up on the top of the search results.

Optimize all the images for your SEO

Images act as the window to any content and if you use even a single high-resolution good image it will help to make the content more attractive. Images can help to demonstrate the concept and it will also add value to the blog.

Use Internal Linking

Giving external links is great for the SEO of your website and it will make your article valuable and more informative. Although at times internal linking is also good although it is not as good as the external links. Internal linking helps the readers to stay on the same page of the website. If you link any of your website to the other article on your website, then it would help to retain the readers for a longer time period. Internal linking does not possibly mean that you link the content to some of the most popular posts on yourpage. Internal linking will help to give a boost to all the pages that are not popular and have failed to get any kind of attention from the readers.

The content should never go out of date

The latest of the Google algorithm wants the newest and the newest content. Just by writing and the publishing the content your job is not finished. According to the latest changes and additions to the information the content needs to be updated. With the constant changes in the Google algorithms you need to keep a check on all your older posts and contribute your time to update the content. If you have some specific posts that appear on the 2nd and 3rd page of the search results, then you must keep an eye on those pages as they can also bump to the first pages.

Write guest posts to obtain links

Write about anything that suits your taste or anything that suits your taste. Next step would be to get your content published on any website to get it published. The content which you give to publish must have your link inside or your website’s backlink inside it. You might have to face a few rejections during your attempt to get your content published but continue doing it for a while and you will reach somewhere sometime soon.

Collaborate with various influencers

If you wish that your website must appear on the first page of the search results, then you need to expand your audience to attract more and more readers and that could be done by roping more influencers. Share your content and give references to the other influencers through your content and then you can expect the other influencers to give you a reference too.

Consider preparing a mobile application

Begin by optimizing your website for all the mobile users and to do this you must prepare a mobile application. Because mobile applications work better, and you must not ever hesitate to sit and think along with your mobile app developer to shortlist some options for you.

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